The studio's founder and primary music instructor, Spencer Burrows, is a serious advocate for the positive effects of music in people's lives. With a music education from Sonoma State University and certificate from Berklee College of Music in Boston, his career as a professional performer has taken him around the world and has made his own life richer and more exciting than he ever imagined. His gift as a vocal-instrumentalist has put him onstage with many known well-known artists. Along with his band-partner Kris Dilbeck, Spencer is a prolific song-writer and has co-produced many albums for his band Burrows and Dilbeck (formally Frobeck), as well as performed with Internationally known bands at festivals and concerts. His career has also given him the tremendous opportunity to guide group music and movement classes with kids from 6 months old and up. His teaching covers the basic structure of music-theory, ear training, sight-reading, rhythm, pitch and improvisation - but also implements his philosophies of "honor, respect, communication, dedication, and FUN!"