The studio's founder and primary music instructor, Spencer Burrows, is a serious advocate for the positive effects of music in people's lives. With a music education from Sonoma State University and certificate from Berklee College of Music in Boston, his career as a professional performer has taken him around the world and has made his own life richer and more exciting than he ever imagined.

His gift as a vocal-instrumentalist has put him onstage with many known well-known artists and his bands performed with internationally recognized bands at festivals and concerts. His music career with Frobeck (2005-2018) and The Big Fit (2019) received multiple nominations, winning Best R&B Band from the Bohemian in 2019 and Best Rock Band with Frobeck in 2008. Spencer Burrows is a prolific song-writer and has co-produced, with his band-partner Kris Dilbeck, many albums for his band Frobeck (2005-2018) and in 2019 released a 14 track album with newly-named duo, Burrows and Dilbeck. 

His teaching career has given him the tremendous opportunity to guide group music and movement classes with kids from 6 months old and up. In his teachings, Spencer focuses on each student as their own artist, often encouraging song-writing and performing. His students have been accepted as music majors to Berklee, Musicians Institute, and UCLA just to name a few, but all, no matter their post high-school education and path, have reflected on their positive experience at The Great Burro Studios. His teaching covers the basic structure of music-theory, ear training, sight-reading, rhythm, pitch and improvisation - but also implements his philosophies of "honor, respect, communication, dedication, and FUN!"